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Trap Town CTF 3v3 Tournament Spring 2011

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Trap Town CTF 3v3 Tournament Spring 2011

Post  [b²fi] ±¥mßålå±® on Wed Apr 13, 2011 12:51 am

Custom map CTF cup hosted by:

evf. Epic Virtual Fighters
[b²fi] Battlefield's Finest Infantry
{dS} Death Squad

Cup admins:

[b²fi] ±¥mßålå±®
{dS} ±Imperial±

Trap Town 3v3 CTF Tournament Spring 2011 is an open tournament which will take place in the Trap Town map made by Zoolander. This year, we are upping the ante with what we hope to be the first 24 player demo tournament.

The tournament will take the form of 2 30 minute rounds (3 in the case of a draw). There is no score limit.

The tournament will begin as soon as the registration period finishes, which should take a week or two if everything goes well.

Anybody can join, and you don't need to be in a clan to do so. Participants will form teams of 3 to register in this tournament, and there will be 8 of them for a total of 8 players.
There is room for up to 4 spectators.

Most of the tournament matches will take place on my server, which is located in Canada. The SWD Community server will be used as a backup in case the first server cannot be used. The server will be passworded.

Every player wishing to join this tournament will have to submit a registration form to the cup admins.
This is the application you need to submit (only submit an application if you want to be the leader aka creator of a team:

1) Your nickname
2) The name of your team*
3) Your roster (members, basically)
4) E-mail/Xfire
5) Country
6) Timezone + timezone of each of your members
7) Availability

*Please note that the teams that are made in this tournament are permanent, and cannot be changed. These teams will be used for future tournaments as well.

As this is a custom map tournament, you need to download the map in order to be able to join the tournament server.
You can download it here.

As we also want to keep all hackers out at all times, you are also asked to download the Anticheat.exe.
Download it here.

If you haven't downloaded and installed both of those files on your computer, you will not be able to join the server and will receive a "DATA DIFFERS FROM SERVER" error.

Joining this tournament is a privilege, and that privilege can be taken away from you at all times if you misbehave. Violating cup rules can also get you kicked or banned from future cups.

1) Explosives are allowed, but no Expacks at flagpoles please
2) No excessive camping of main bases
3) The use of bugs to gain advantage over other players is strictly prohibited, needless to say hacks are too
4) All teams must show up to their scheduled matches, if a team cannot make it they must advise cup admins before the match
5) Spectators are prohibited to chat during matches, but are allowed to film
6) No ragequiting in the middle of a match or it is a forfeit win for the opposing team
7) Please respect your opponents at all times, no trash talking

I'll start:

1) Your nickname = [b²fi] ±¥mßålå±®
2) The name of your team = prodiGy.
3) Your roster (members, basically) = Marchellino, Iron Snake
4) E-mail/Xfire =
5) Country = Canada
6) Timezone + timezone of each of your members = GMT -5/GMT -5/GMT +2
7) Availability = Weekends, during the day

Official registration forums:

Battlefield's Finest Infantry
Epic Virtual Fighters
Let's Play Server
[b²fi] ±¥mßålå±®
[b²fi] ±¥mßålå±®

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